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YouSolution is an Integration Hub Platform on the Cloud.

YouSolution has developed an agnostic Integration Hub Platform. The main goal of this platform is to integrate loosely coupled systems by synchronizing them on the cloud. Big Data from multiple systems can be synchronized together which makes it possible to have a multitude of synchronized information. YouSolution.Cloud accelerates the data collection system to support more informed decisions made by companies.

The Data Flowing through YouSolution

In the process of data flows with YouSolution.Cloud, the Data flow through the platform from a "System A" to a "System B". These two systems are managed by Sync Plan which relates them and defines the synchronization rules. This trip can divided in three parts which are:

  1. The "Producer": which extracts data from "System A" and sends it to the platform.

  1. The "Transformer": that transforms and synchronizes the raw data

  1. The "Consumer": which extracts data from the platform and sends it to "System B"

The synchronization process between systems, regardless of the complexity of the data, is less than 10 seconds.

Finally, when YouSolution has associated the data of the "Producer" and the data of the "Consumer", these associations are saved in the platform which allow the user and client to monitor the synchronization status at any time.