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Version 2022.09

Welcome to the September 2022 release of YouSolution.Cloud. There are many updates in this version that we hope you will like.

New features

  • One-to-many synchronization

    Now is possible to send a data from a single source node to multiple target node by creating a group of sync plans that share the same source node and entity.

  • Billing for flows

    You can now choose to pay according to the number of sync plans.

  • Delivery strategy push/pull

    It is now possible to set a different strategy for sending data to the target node, choosing whether it is the platform that sends the data to the node or whether it is the node that makes a request to the platform to get the data.

  • Super User

    The Super User can create and manage the sync plans and visualize the message statistics.

  • Flow inactivity alert

    It is now possible to set up an automatic check to verify the activity of a sync plan. If no new messages are detected for the specified time period, an e-mail is sent to the specified e-mail address to warn of the inactivity of the flow.

  • Refactoring statistics page layout

  • New details to sync plan page

    New icons to represent sync plan options.

  • Improvements platform performance

    Improvements perfomance sync plan code compilation, sync plan stopping, sync plan page loading, and much more.

Notable fixes

  • In rare cases the sync plan is blocked
  • Sync plan stops randomly
  • Retry not working properly
  • Error in switching off sync plan
  • Data are not synchronised when several updates are sent close together
  • Manual Sync not working properly
  • Possible memory leak